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What's with the name?

When I was 6 years old my Mom brought home a box full of comics from the thrift store she was working at. This box was filled with treasures for my older brother and me. Usagi Yojimbo, The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Boris the Bear, Critters... Most books had some form of water damage but I loved them and my life was changed. Soon it would change again as my older brother was taking me on an adventure. I walked and walked and walked and we crossed so many streets. He rode his bike and we played a game where he would say, "Sorry." I would have to say "you're not" or he would get to punch my knuckles. I think the "Sorry/ you're not" was from a commercial. After walking for so long I was happy to see we were going into a store. We walk into the store and my eyes popped out.. Candy! I go to the candy...Mr. Goodbar...Bar none? Whats that?? Orange circus peanuts 2 for $.99, mambas,  chic o' what? And then I see it at the end of the aisle. Its a comic book. In a metal spinning magazine rack. Woah! There's a lot of them! All different kinds! These were different than the ones our Mom found. These were new superheroes (to me) that weren't my Kenner toys when I was 4 years old (Batman and the DC gang). I just kept spinning that rack. , X-Men, GI Joe, Alpha Flight, Silver Surfer, Daredevil, The New Mutants, What If...The Punisher! Oh man 😍 Discovering in that moment,  after our long and arduous journey, that all of these other worlds existed in this store...I never wanted to leave. That feeling has stuck with me for a lifetime and I decided to name our publishing company after it in hopes that we can bring those same elements of surprise, wonder and artwork in each new world you discover within our pages. 

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