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INDIE DECK -FIRE EDITION: New cards reveal "22222 MUCH" in brand new Post-apocalyptic Fantasy.

Fricken seriously. These cards are too fricken hot right now. Can't even keep em' in your hands they're so "hot" and collectable! Dreams come true. These cards look so nice! Vince White did amazing work on the art and design. I can't wait to sleeve them up in a hard case and send em' out for grading. INDIE DECK "FIRE" EDITION will be out in Aprilish. I'm so proud, and honored and just feeling all sorts of happy. I've always loved comic book trading cards, as you may know, so seeing my characters

amongst many others in a set full of indie comics'm still over the moon and still just love these two cards and characters

so much.

oreZ and Nyn, two characters starring in my brand new Post-apocalyptic Fantasy comic book currently being previewed on webtoons and

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