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So it's been like 7 months.

Wowzers. It's been a while. Okay, where to start?

I guess we'll go back to July...

I submitted my application to artist alley Comicon and if you were somehow looking for my table in December, you wouldn't have seen that I wasn't there. Well, long story short I shot for the moon and I wasn't even close to being ready. I was so focused on securing the business side of things (domain name, website, trademarks, copyrights, LLC) that I failed to produce my pages. I was producing until August when I got the letter of unacceptance. I don't know why I took it so hard, in all honesty I was relieved of a lot of pressure. I had been working so hard and to hear that I wasn't going to have a table, I took a long, hard, well-deserved break. My wife and I took some awesome vacations. I think we flew in 8 planes last year. Anyhow, 2021 is over and so is my seasonal self-pity party of one. I'm steady in the flow of things again: Draw/color, work, draw/color, sleep, draw/color, work, draw/color, sle..

I've got a gift for all of my soon-to-be readers. I've been coloring issue #1 of Infinite Fabric "for-everrr" and as you can see, I am litte behind on the production of the printed book as it was to be ready in Dec of 2021. As I wrap up the coloring I'm going to release the first 12 pages here for free on this website. As soon as I figure out a good scroll or flip book app and convert the pages. While I finish the final 12 pages and get the book ready for print and sale I will release a page every Wednesday here on

Indie Deck "Fire Edition" reveal is underway! I'm so excited to be a part of this brilliant project by POWERVERSE Owner Vince White. I can't wait to see oreZ's and Nyn's ROOKIE CARDS. Eeeeeeeeek!!

I also received some products:

Stickers! These ones are the black Cornerstore Comic logo. Once I post a few free pages of Infinite Fabric on this website I will be giving the stickers away. They are from stickermule and the rating is 4/5.

I'm working steadily on the store/business side of things and it's going really well actually. It's intimidating and time consuming but somebody has to do it. Research, banks, phone calls, appointments....when all that I really need to do is draw and color. I ordered an Infinite Fabric PROMO HOODY from HUGEPOD that never showed because they delivered it to the wrong city, so buyer beware of that company.

I ordered the first Cornerstore Comic t-shirt. It wasn't anything I was going to sell rather I wanted to wear my logo while I work at home, but it's only a matter of time before I find a great apparel printer and you can wear one too.

Thanks to each and every one of you for your support.

Happy new year and let's make dreams come true in 2022!

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10 Mar 2022

Excuse me!!! Stickers!!! Tshirts!!! Sign me freaking up! I can’t wait to be repping the best comic book brand. Also, thanks for sharing your story. Every hero has a downfall sometimes, right?! Don’t let it get you down. Everything happens for a reason. And you’ll just come back ready to hit even harder, and everything will be that much more amazing.

Tony Capili
Tony Capili
21 Mar 2022
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Thanks you so much! You're the best fan, seriously. I am putting together the 1st round of prints and t shirts so they will be available soon.

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