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Spoiler Alert! Infinite Fabric character reveal and plans for CCC in 2021.

I'm proud to introduce you to Orez, Eno and Nyn. Characters you will meet in the coming issue #1. Production on Infinite Fabric is going so well, ahead of schedule,  which led me to the decision to make a Cornerstore Comic Guidebook due out next December (Emerald City Comicon Dec. 2-5 2021) detailing our company,  talent, and features on all titles in development. I've been staying super focused. I'm still not ready to give anything away. The immediate goal is an early release of Infinite Fabric (scheduled release is Dec 21, 2021,  so 19 days early!) at ECCC with a variant cover of #1 as well as the Guidebook and featured titles prints, promo apparel, sticker packs and yes, toys. 

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