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White liiiiines....ruuuunning thru my mind

I got home from school that day with plans to go to the store with my mom to get a new G.I. Joe. What a great day! The BEST kind of day! So my mom told me to hurry back home.

"I will, Mom!"

What's more important than G.I. Joe's? At that time, 9 years old, nothing was...but I had a trade brewing with a fellow classmate that I couldn't pass up. My friend Jimmy said he had The New Fantastic Four book he tying to get rid of...

Wolverine, Spider-Man, Grey Hulk and Ghost Rider?? What??? What did you just say??? I couldn't believe what I was hearing.

Yes. I want that book more than anything.

I had a second almost complete set of Marvel Universe Trading Cards series 1.

I grabbed my cards and we walked to Jimmy's house, with us our friend Jeff. It wasn't far, especially for me, I traveled everywhere. Walk up our street, take a left at 44th and walk down to the backside of Cedar way, take the cross-walk and go left. A block over, go right.

The trade was fast.

We leave Jimmy's house. He's riding his bike. Me and Jeff are walking and marveling at newly acquired cool stuff. We get to the crosswalk at 44th ave. WALK. So we do.

Jimmy rides up ahead and I see him get to other side. I look down at my open book. The edge of the pages, the panel borders, the artwork...beyond the book in my hands, the white lines. White lines.

Next, I woke up in the ambulance crying to mom who was right on top of me. I'm sobbing," I just had a dream I got hit by a car".

"It's true", she replied.

I stilll haven't read this book. But I did get it signed by Arthur Adams and I met him and told him this story. A little shook, he replied, "Well I'm glad you're still here."

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Sep 17, 2021

How did I not know you got hit by a car?! What a crazy story. Thankful you’re here. Keep kicking ass on your website ❤️ -Case

Tony Capili
Tony Capili
Mar 21, 2022
Replying to

Thank you ❤️

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